Support Chug a new show from Zane Lamprey

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Zane is doing a Kickstarter campaign to create a new show that can’t be stopped by a network going off the air. He travels the world learning about local culture, customs and drinking with the locals in an entertaining format that follows his previous shows, “Three Sheets” and “Drinking Made Easy”

Join me and click here to help:


Link: – Salty, Smoky, and Sweet: 15 Top Bacon Recipes

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Here’s list of recipes on one of my favorite things- Bacon!

Link: – Our Favorite Frosty Treats: Easy Ice Cream Recipes

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Helping Dreams Become Reality

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One of my friends is a creative soul that makes his dreams happen. He has a gift with poetry and is now a published author going by the name of Mister Riley. He is a whiz in the kitchen. His dream is to open a restaurant and combine his love of literature with his love of food. I am all for it. I hope you can be too. Check him out at his place on the web:

Read his blog:

Donate to his restaurant dream: A Cafe for Artists in Food and Poetry

Link: – Fried and Fabulous

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Here are some recipies for frying that you will love.

Link: – The 11 most contaminated foods

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This was a very good read:

Link: – Taco Party Recipes for a Fun Fiesta

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Also check out: Cinco de Mayo Cocktail Menu

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