Link: The Gathering Food Truck Festival

Hey All!

I’d like to tell you about Baltimore’s traveling food truck festival! It’s called the Gathering. A few times per month several food trucks pick a community location in the city and setup for the evening, serving up gourmet foods with the entertainment of a live band and support from local vendors. I’m a bit late reporting this as this is my first year attending, but the third year of it’s existence. Better late than never!

The food trucks that are typically in attendance are featured here. I attended 4/26 at McHenry Row and had a blast. I purchased my drink wristband on MissionTix so that I wouldn’t have to stand in any extra lines and got a discount for being prepared as the price was higher at the event. The wristband gets you “all you can drink” Red or White Sangria, Orange Crushes, or Beer. You can also buy individual drink tickets. Bring cash with you as you can typically move through the lines faster and tips are greatly appreciated by everyone.

During my attendance, I tried to taste a variety of dishes. Luckily, each truck has a dish that offers two to three options. Miss Shirley’s had a trio of sliders (pork, chicken, beef). I had a chicken N waffle platter at Chicken N Waffles. The Smoking Swine had tender ribs, a moist pulled chicken sandwich, sweet and spicy pickles, and amazing collard greens with bacon and onions. I can’t wait until the next one, so I can try some tacos and chiken tikka masala!

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~ by T. Money on May 2, 2013.

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