Review: Jimmy’s Famous Seafood

I heard about Jimmy’s Famous Seafood from a co-worker. When someone says good things about a place, I like to try it. I did a little research on Google to find the location and look up the website. It has very favorable reviews and consistent buzz, so I visited as soon as I could. When I arrived on Friday night after work, it was jammed packed. I could barely find a parking space. There is much more room inside than parking outside, so please don’t be deterred. I’m glad I wasn’t. The meal was great!

The crab bisque/cream of crab soup ranks very high on my list of favorites. Easily a top five selection. The Caesar salad was fresh, crisp, well-balanced, and well-portioned. I had the seafood pasta, which was crab, lobster (more lobster than crab surprisingly, may have been just this batch), shrimp and scallop tossed with a Rose Cream sauce over penne. The lobster tail was actually seasoned where most are not at many establishments. It was plump and succulent! Paired with crunchy asparagus it was a filling meal.

As a bonus, Jimmy’s participates with and accepts their gift certificates. There’s nothing like saving money while you try good food.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood
6526 Holabird Ave
Middle River, MD 21220
(410) 633-4040

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~ by T. Money on April 2, 2013.

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