On the Road: Boston, MA – Harvard Gardens

While on a business trip to Boston I grabbed a quick dinner with my co-workers  at Harvard Gardens. This place nails the very nice balance they call ‘Casual Elegant’. The decor, lighting and menu suggest something you can have an intimate dinner at, as well as a happy hour social or late night beer and bite after a long shift. The menu features the modern twist on classics, such as sliders topped with a quail egg or the firecracker shrimp topped with jalapeno slices. The Firecracker Shrimp were deliciously marinated in an asian inspired sweet chili sauce and topped with jalapenos and scallions. They were perfectly cooked, lightly crispy to the bite and perfectly complimented with the pepper. The entree salads come in heaping mounds of fresh greens with the selected toppings, like grilled chicken which is an actual grilled chicken breast and not a pre-packaged chicken strip. My entree was the Grilled Cheese with sea salt fries. Normally you would think of a grilled cheese as an toasted American cheese sandwich with Tomato soup. Harvard Gardens changes this slightly so that it is mozzarella and basil on a thick toast (not sure the type of bread) served with marinara sauce. When combined it tastes like a crunchy pizza. The cheese was fresh and the whole basil leaves explode with herby flavor inside of the tasty marinara. The hand-cut french fries were nicely seasoned and piping hot, making for a nice filler. You do have a choice of sea salt or parmesean truffle fries or a side salad. I definitely recommend eating here if you are in the area.

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Harvard Gardens
316 Cambridge Street
Boston, MA 02114


~ by T. Money on February 24, 2013.

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