Review: Townhouse Kitchen and Bar

I went to Townhouse Kitchen and Bar recently after hearing that it opened last month in the Harbor East area of downtown Baltimore. It was a great experience. It is very open inside with high ceilings and adequate space around all seating areas. The bar is a large rectangle with seating on all sides and showcasing numerous large LCD televisions. The entire restaurant is pretty dimly lit with dark brown hardwood floors and dark walls, making it very modern and sleek. As an added bonus, they have 4 booths with table taps where you can pour beer or vodka yourself (to be reserved in advance of course)! TKB does take reservations via OpenTable, so be sure to logon there for your reservations.

The menu is pitched as American style small plates and sandwiches with Latin, Asian and Mediterranean influences. We started with the Warm Pretzel Sticks with Honey Mustard Dip. They were warm with a crisp, salty outside and moist chewy inside. Perfect as is and much better once you dip in the sweet, twangy honey mustard. I did try the Cream of Crab soup, which tasted okay, but was too busy. The drinks are pretty inspired with an extensive beer menu and exciting cocktails. One awesome cocktail that should be tried is the Gourmet – van gogh blue and dutch caramel vodkas, pinnacle whipped, chocolate syrup and cream topped off with a caramel & sea salt rim. The special of the day was Red Snapper, which was magnificent. Perfectly seared for a crispy exterior and flaky, delicate interior, it was quite enjoyable.  Lemon Rosemary Chicken is also inspired with nice portion sizes and juicy flavor. Choice of sides is a bit limited, but the spinach with mushrooms is a good choice.

Dessert blew us away. Three words. Gooey. Butter. Cake. I don’t know who made the call to put this on the menu, but it was the correct one. Dessert at restaurants sucks so bad these days with the same bland dark chocolate flourless and warm apple tarts, that this was a very welcome change. This gooey butter cake was so warm, sweet, gooey, moist, and delicate. Then they made it better with a nice balance of the vanilla ice cream and some caramel. It was a freaking fantastic end to a introductory dinner at a place that should surely shine!

Townhouse Kitchen + Bar
1350 Lancaster St.
Baltimore, MD 21231
(443) 268-0323


~ by T. Money on June 9, 2012.

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