Recipe: Vanilla Milkshake

It’s very hard for me to find a great vanilla milkshake. Why? Vanilla is such a rich and complex flavor, but most milkshakes are very bland and understated. I attribute this to restaurants using mass manufactured generic ice creams. However, even though using premium ice creams adds more richness in the texture and more complexity in the flavor, it doesn’t transfer  when diluted with the milk for the beverage. So here is one of my recipes that I have been working on to create a real vanilla milkshake with some options for different situations.


1.5 cup vanilla frozen yogurt
1.5 oz. vanilla coffee creamer
3 oz. 2% milk


Add frozen yogurt to blender. Combine milk and creamer and pour over frozen yogurt. Blend just until smooth.


I’m lactose intolerant, so I use frozen yogurt. Edy’s and Turkey Hill are my favorites. However, feel free to use your favorite vanilla ice cream. It will work with Vanilla, Vanilla Bean or Homemade Vanilla flavors. I have not tried with French Vanilla.

For coffee creamer, I use the liquid dairy creamers. International Delight, Coffee-mate, and Bailey’s (non-alcoholic) have a very nice vanilla flavor, with Bailey’s being the best. I do not recommend the powdered versions.

I use 2% milk for less fat, but not fat free, so that I maintain some flavor dimension, but you can certainly use any milk you want. Whole milk may be more difficult to predict the outcome since it is much more rich than the others.

To make this an alcoholic beverage, substitute real Bailey’s Vanilla in the recipe. You can also add 1 ounce of Vanilla Rum or Vodka to the recipe above. I prefer Cruzan Vanilla Rum for this and it helps if it is refrigerated. After all, you are making a frozen beverage, you do not want it melting unnecessarily.

To change the flavor mildly, you can change the flavor of the coffee creamer added and the ice cream. For instance, I have very nice hazelnut milkshakes. You can also do caramel with caramel creamer and a shot of Hershey’s caramel topping. However, for chocolate, use the above recipe and add Hershey’s Chocolate syrup to the desired flavor intensity. From my time working in a yogurt shop, the best chocolate milkshakes are made from a vanilla base, not a chocolate one.



~ by T. Money on June 2, 2012.

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