On the Road: Las Vegas, NV – Tender

Hanging out in Las Vegas can work up an appetite. When you are in the mood for fine dining, stop by Tender – an award-winning steakhouse located in the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Walking into the restaurant, you will be thrust into a dimly lit, sleek and minimalist setting. While it is subtle with its high gloss hardwood floors and dark brown color palette, the decor is not the star here. The steak and seafood are the main event. However, before you get to the main dishes, you have to experience some things. First, being in Vegas an indulgence in some alcohol is given. The wine list at Tender is pretty extensive and comes with a large bar with some capable bartenders. Tender likes to feature its wide variety of cheeses to whet your appetite and awaken your palette, so pairing with the wine is strongly recommended. The menu draws inspiration from almost every cuisine from American to Asian to classic Italian and French. However, most of the influence is directed to the starters, sides and seafood. An absolute must have is the American Texas Style Kobe chili! Made with bacon, beer and Kobe beef, there is no way this could fail. It has everything. The meat is moist and the sauce was savory with enough spicy kick in the back-end to be recognized as an authentic chili. This was a complete surprise for me and not the last. The Maine lobster bisque is also a soup worth having. Side dishes feature twists on classic veggie sides like braised Brussles or sauteed broccolini with sweet chili sauce. Steaks are straight forward and seperated into sections on the menu by cut. I had the opportunity to try a boneless 12 oz strip loin with red wine sauce. It was perfect. No salt, pepper, butter, or steak sauce needed. The range-fed filet was equally as incredible. Tender sets a high standard for how steak is done. Sadly, after that tremendous meal I was not able to taste dessert to report for you. Maybe I will be fortunate enough to go back and then provide an update. There’s a s’mores and bread pudding that need to be tested still.

Tender Steak and Seafood
Luxor Hotel and Casino
3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119



~ by T. Money on June 1, 2012.

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