Review: Linwoods

Linwoods is a classy restaurant located in the Owings Mills area of Baltimore County. It focuses as much on style and presentation as it does on food and pulls both off successfully. With its sophisticated atmosphere, Linwoods works for your standard business meeting, brunch, or late date night dinner.

Linwoods specializes in steak and seafood, with the menu heavily laden with variations of those options. A standout appetizer that I cannot stop telling people about is their Lobster Tempura with Honey Butter. Wow! It melts in your mouth. If you have ever experienced a chewy, underdone, over-cooked, or badly seasoned lobster in your life, this is the game-changer. The MD Crab soup is fantastic and full of vegtable flavor, seasoned broth and lumps of crab meat.

Dinner is typical fare, offering seafood pasta, steaks, lobster, and a burger. There is also an option for liver and the roasted chicken is perfect. All are executed very well and will leave you happy with your choice. Linwoods is also very popular for their pizzas. The bar has brilliant signature cocktails that are expertly mixed for your enjoyment, including the Peach Bellini and Pineapple Martini. Finally, dessert has lots of options, of which the Chocolate Bread Pudding was very nice.

Linwoods Restaurant
25 Crossroads Dr
Owings Mills, MD 21117


~ by T. Money on February 24, 2012.

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