Link: National Pancake Week

Man, I’m so late, lol. So, it’s National Pancake Week! I should be ashamed because I do love a good pancake. One of my favorite places to go for pancake is Saute Restaurant and Bar in the Canton area of Baltimore City. Their brunch menu features light and fluffy pancakes that are the size of a person’s head. With a side of sangria or mimosa, you will leave totally satisfied.

Another of my favorite places is Ms. Shirley’s Cafe. This restaurant with two locations in Baltimore (Inner Harbor and Roland Park) and one in Annapolis, has several varieties on the pancake including, fruit topped (strawberries, rasperries, banana or blueberries), a white chocolate chip, and sometimes special occation sweet potato cakes (intriguing for sure, but I’m not a fan) and red velvet cakes (too sweet for me, but again I am a traditionalist with pancakes).

One of my indulgences is the McGriddle from McDonalds. I know some of you probably think its disgusting, but the syrupy griddlecakes surrounding the egg and bacon has all the standard breakfast flavors for me in one easy package. One of the only things I will eat at McD’s.

Kodiak Cakes Shares 10 Tips for Perfect Pancakes to Celebrate National Pancake Week 2012


~ by T. Money on February 23, 2012.

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