Review: Pasticcio Italian Kitchen and Bar

Pasticcio Italian Kitchen and Bar is an italian themed restaurant and bar in the Canton area of Baltimore City. Located in the Can Company building, they are a popular stop in the bustling environment full of restaurants, shops in close proximity to the waterfront.  The decor is very casual. An open kitchen  in the back provides some insight into the kitchen, which can be seen from the numerous booths and tables. The word pasticcio, in it’s original Italian, refers to a large family of baked savory pies which may be based on meat, fish, or pasta. The word pasticcio comes from pasta and means ‘pie’¹. Pasticcio does a great job with a variety of savory meals to please most any palate and on any given night a constant stream of people come in and out with orders.

Classically crafted with a thin, chewy crust, a thin balance of sauce under a bubbly cheese blanket, the 2007 and 2008 AOL CityGuide Best Pizza is a must try item that they also serve by the slice. Pasticcio offers over 10 different specialites and provides several toppings for the adventurous.  Calzones, subs, and cold cuts round out the quick eats menu, with great fresh breads that add extra enjoyment to your meal.

For visitors looking for a more refined menu, Pasticcio really shines with the plethora of pasta options. Standard ragus, lemon sauces, vodka, rose and cream sauces are complimented with large portions of fresh, al dente pastas. Although there are some dishes that miss the target, the majority of them are successful. The chicken parmesean, shrimp giovanna,  and shrimp in spicy marinara are some standout stars on the menu. Be sure to try one of the wine or beer selections with your meal.

Pasticcio Italian Kitchen and Bar
The Can Company
2400 Boston St., Suite 120
Baltimore, MD 21224

8811 Waltham Woods Rd
Parkville, MD 21234



~ by T. Money on January 20, 2012.

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