Review: SugarBakers – Red Velvet Cake

From the bakery website: “SugarBakers Cakes, established in 1996, is proud to be one of the premiere cake shops serving Maryland, D.C., Virginia and the Maryland-Delaware beach resorts.  Artistic designer and owner, Jamie Williams, along with her husband and business partner, realized their dream when they purchased a small bakery, and began producing yummy muffins, cookies and small cakes for city coffee shops. ”

All of the treats I have tried at this bakery are outstanding, but there is one that outshines the rest – the Red Velvet Cake. If you didn’t know, red velvet cake is a red-colored layer cake, which is usually chocolate flavored and topped with a whipped, creamy, sweet white frosting. SugarBakers offers a four layer cake, where the layers are seperated by the white frosting and chocolate frosting, which slightly enhances the chocolate flavor of the cake itself. The combined texture is delicate, moist, and smooth. It is a must try!

SugarBakers Cakes
752 Frederick Rd
Catonsville, MD 21228-4535
(410) 788-9478
(866) 574-1011


~ by T. Money on August 26, 2011.

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