If you are a foodie, an avid dater, or just like to save a buck while you are having fun you need to visit How else do you think I get to try all of these things I blog about!?! works with community restaurants that want to advertise and reach out to new customers by selling gift certificates accepted at local restaurants for great prices. For instance, you want to try an italian restaurant you heard about, but you are skeptical because you have never eaten there. If they are on, you can buy a gift certificate worth $25 for sometimes as low as $2 (prices of certificates vary)! Now you may be more encouraged to try that restaurant knowing you will be spending less. Of course there are rules to observe, like in some cases a $35 minimum, no weekend usage, or not to be combined with specials. Read the fine print and you will learn to enjoy this very nice perk. Sign up for the email list and they alert you to 80%off sales on select certificates so you can get that $25 certificate for $2.

I also like this site because it encourages supporting local businesses in the community. If you don’t know how supporting local businesses benefits your community, check out for explanation of benefits like: improved community well-being, increased jobs and wages, maintained product diversity, healthy competition, and environmental sustainability.



~ by T. Money on July 28, 2011.

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  1. […] a bonus, Jimmy’s participates with and accepts their gift certificates. There’s nothing like saving money while you try good […]

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