Burn Some Calories – Hip Hop Abs

So, I can’t test all of these delicious foods and beverages without picking up a ton of calories. It may be hard to believe, but for as much food as I try, I am actually very careful with my diet. Not “diet” in the context of the restrictive fads and structured programs people manipulate themselves with to lose weight. Diet as defined as the daily or habitual intake of food. I eat well-balanced meals and portions, drink lots of water, and exercise regularly to stay healthy.

One of my favorite exercise routines is the Hip Hop Abs series created by Shaun T and promoted by BeachBody. I personally have used this series for over two years. While I don’t have washboard abs, I can say that it does keep me in good physical and cardiovascular shape. Some people will think it’s cheesy, but I actually have a lot of fun doing the exercises. Shaun T is comical in his presentation and his energy helps keep you distracted from the actual exercise. Do the exercises correctly (because that’s the important part of any exercise, as it is very easy to do them wrong and feel nothing) and you will sweat and feel the effect. It’s the perfect exercise to do in the house, before or after work. Do your co-workers a favor though, and shower if you exercise before work. M’kay? 🙂


Hip Hop Abs for Sale on Amazon


~ by T. Money on July 28, 2011.

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