Review: Island Quizine

Island Quizine is a Caribbean delivery/dine-in/carry located in the  Milford Mill area of Baltimore County on Liberty Road, just off of I-695. Set on a small parking lot inside of Milford Shopping Center, walking into the building you are greeted with the warm smells of curry and jerk aromas that instantly make you hungry. The establishment is split into two areas – the entrance area is the carry out and quick dining area, the right side being the fine dining side. The fine dining side is a bit confusing as it is decorated like a fine restaurant with the booths, tables, paint and decor, until you look at the pictures of Bob Marley and various Baltimore Ravens’ players hanging on the walls that seem a little out of place for the mood they were going for. Over head you can hear Reggae, Calypso, and Reggaeton sounds playing just loud enough to keep the staff dancing and swaying with the music.

Sweet and Spicy Jerk BBQ Wings

Sweet and Spicy Jerk BBQ Wings

The menu is very robust with choices, including Caribbean and American style desserts, lunch entrees, sandwiches, dinners, appetizers and desserts covering a lot more meats, vegetables, and starches than  your standard restaurant. Seated diners are treated to a complimentary bowl of soup. Today’s was a goat soup with a thick vegetable sauce base, that was more like a stew. The goat was tender and juicy and flavored the soup nicely with the potatoes and carrots. Next, I jumped right in with a scrumptious Sweet and Spicy Jerk BBQ Wing appetizer that definitely makes you want more. There are numerous flavors at work in this secret sauce that gives you sweetness at the first bite, with some spiciness as you swallow and a buildup of heat as you eat more.

The tropical tilapia was a fried filet topped with a house made coconut cream sauce that compliments the mild fish that flaked perfectly with the fork. The Reggae Pasta with Shrimp was a  heaping offering of al dente penne pasta in a tomato-coconut cream sauce. A little heavy on the onions, you may want to ask them to hold the onion before you indulge on all of the plentiful shrimp included in the dish. Top off your meal with a decadent, moist and rich dual-layer chocolate cake – a welcome surprise when most are restaurants lazily pushing flour-less or bitter dark chocolate desserts.

Island Quizine
8128 Liberty Road
Baltimore, MD 21244


~ by T. Money on July 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Review: Island Quizine”

  1. The few times I hate here the food was extremely SALTY. They used to give you a decent portion of tilapia, now they only give you ONE filet of tilapia for like $18.

    The beef patties are TERRIBLE!
    The pepper steak was just to hard to eat, I got tired of chewing.
    The rice is not soft and fluffy, it’s hard and flavorless.
    The reggae pasta is good sometimes, it NEVER tastes the same, it’s like they don’t use the same recipe all the time.
    I’m over them!!!

    • Totally understood. Usually problems that develop like this are indicative of changes in management, budget, and staffing. When places start to get shaken up behind the scenes the quality of the food can decline rapidly amongst other things. Thanks for the update. May be worth dropping a note to their management as well, as they may be painfully unaware of how things are being affected.

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