Review: Duesenberg’s — Baltimore Po’Boy Sandwich

Independence Day Weekend 2011. I’m out with the Mrs. looking to try something new to eat. We decide to go to Duesenberg’s. It was an excellent decision. For me, you know that good food is lurking when there is a line formed outside of the door. My taste buds were craving the combination of a good sandwich and they didn’t disappoint. Enter the Baltimore Po’Boy sandwich. They describe it as, “Panko breaded jumbo shrimp topped with our famous hot crab dip and melted Cheddar cheese on a baguette”. That doesn’t do it justice. I was treated to a hot, bubbly, cheesy, masterpiece of crab dip and shrimp oozing over a soft, buttery baguette, that I was totally unprepared for. I promptly cut the sandwich in half and set the utensils to the side. That would be the last time they were needed. I proceeded to use my hands to do the dirty work, creating a digit-licking session in between each bite. With its creamy crab dip featuring huge chunks of crab meat and plenty of Old Bay seasoning, the crispy shrimp breading blended and added texture to the whole item. Duesenberg’s rounded out the meal with some Utz Potato chips and a nice, chilled Dill pickle spear. I highly recommend this for crab dip lovers.

Duesenberg’s — An American Café & Grill
10 Mellor Avenue
Catonsville, Maryland 21228
Phone: 410-747-7333
Fax: 410-747-7887
Open Monday thru Saturday
Hours: 6am–3pm


~ by T. Money on July 4, 2011.

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